[Challenges] say in the comments what the code represents

is application was written in javascript. ```js const myCar = { make: "Toyota", // Car make model: "Camry", // Car model tires: 4, // Number of tires doors: 4, // Number of doors color: "blue", // Initial color of the car forSale: false // Indicates if the car is for sale (initially not for sale) }; // Defining a variable to store the name of the 'color' property let propColor = "color"; // Changing the car color to "red" using the 'propColor' variable myCar[propColor] = "red"; // Changing the variable to store the name of the 'forSale' property propColor = "forSale"; // Setting the 'forSale' property to 'true', indicating that the car is now for sale myCar[propColor] = true; // Printing the car make and model to the console console.log(myCar.make + " " + myCar.model); // Printing the car sale status to the console console.log(myCar.forSale); ``` This time with a smaller code compared to the other challenges. If you're learning programming and would like to take part in these challenges, register now and leave your answer in the comments.

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