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Welcome to Chat-to.dev, a space for both novice and experienced programmers to chat about programming and share code in their posts. In the rooms, only discussions related to programming or software development are allowed. Anyone who attempts to deviate from these requirements will have their account blocked.

1. Service Purpose:

Chat-to.dev is a platform for discussions related to programming and software development. Users are encouraged to create chat rooms to share knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate constructively.

2. Allowed Content:

All interactions in chat rooms must be related to programming and software development. Sharing code, technical questions, and discussions about programming practices are welcomed.

3. Content Restrictions:

Sharing offensive, illegal, defamatory, or copyright-violating content is not allowed. Chat-to.dev reserves the right to remove any content that does not align with these guidelines.

4. Account Blocking:

Users who repeatedly violate terms by sharing inappropriate or unrelated content may have their accounts blocked. Chat-to.dev aims to maintain a respectful environment focused on development.

5. User Responsibilities:

By creating chat rooms or interacting on the platform, users take responsibility for their actions and agree to follow the established terms.

6. Moderation:

Chat-to.dev reserves the right to moderate platform interactions, remove inappropriate content, and take action against users who do not comply with the established guidelines.

7. Privacy:

User data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on the platform.

8. Changes to the Terms:

These terms may be updated as necessary. We recommend users periodically review changes. Continued use of Chat-to.dev after modifications indicates acceptance of the new conditions.

Thank you for contributing to a constructive and collaborative community on Chat-to.dev!

Last updated: [15/12/2023]

For questions, contact us at the following email address: [contact@chat-to.dev].