Six things I did to learn to program

Programming has always been something I've really enjoyed, even with few resources I've stayed focused and kept studying. Today I can say that I can understand any kind of programming language to a certain extent. ![errorP](https://cmstools.org/uploads/monthly_2023_11/gifki-animacziya-s-dnem-sistemnogo-administratora-15.gif.0ffb9ef6281cfb1565e9362de4f9e8d3.gif) So here are the things I did to achieve this 1. Videos of practical lessons, with people developing things 2. download code from other applications and try to understand them 3. search for solutions on the internet a few times, but do things with what I already knew and understood 4. not changing languages all the time, just because some were fashionable 5. join programmers more advanced than me 6. study programming in books, I think this was one of the things that helped me the most because the codes in books aren't as messy as on the internet. ![happy](https://www.schoolofit.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/no-code.gif) If you've had a different way of learning, mention it here in the comments or come and chat with us in one of the chat rooms.

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