Frameworks I've used in the past that are no longer used

During my apprenticeship I came across many frameworks, some of which I had the pleasure of working with. In our field, many of the technologies we work with will be replaced by newer technologies. Here's a list of some I've worked with: + **Jquery**: is a JavaScript library that can be added to coding projects. Basically, jQuery allows web developers to plug routine JavaScript features into a web page so that they can spend more time focusing on complicated features that are unique to the site. + **Phonegap**: is a mobile development framework that allows software developers to create applications for mobile devices using only JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies. + **XML**: Extensible Markup Language (XML) allows data to be defined and stored in a shareable way. XML supports the exchange of information between computer systems, such as websites, databases and third-party applications. + **Ajax**, which I still use in my applications: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) are a combination of web application development technologies that make them more responsive to user interaction. Whenever your users interact with a web application, such as when they click on buttons or check boxes, the browser exchanges data with the remote server. What tech did you use that you no longer use, either because it's been replaced or because you'd rather change? Let me know in the comments.

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