why is php version 5.6 being used so much? i see that there are still a lot of sites being created using this version of php, is there something special about it?
i have a video game blog and i would like to know how to upload videos up to 1gb using php. i have tried a few ways but nothing without success. can anyone help with this?
this [function](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=4) is excellent for inserting youtube videos into our websites. does anyone have a better one for doing this?
Hi guys👋, could someone help me create a simple function to sanatize the input fields on my site? Please
these two [functions](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=6) do exactly what you can. both in the input fields and in the mysql database
Hi guys. I really want to start posting small php solutions here that helped me a lot at the beginning of my programming career. I know its not easy to have and find good code on the internet, but these excerpts that Im going to publish here have helped me and continue to help me in my work with clients and even in my personal applications. I hope you enjoy them and that you continue to follow my posts and my conversations here in the chat.
Create your own chat rooms and Ill be there to contribute my little knowledge of programming.
What I liked most about this website is that as well as being able to chat in real time with other programmers, you also have the chance to post texts and code to share with whoever you want and learn more. Because those who teach are more likely to learn
for better security when uploading files to your applications Ive decided to share a test code so you can try it out on your site. any questions just call ;-)
heres the [link](https://www.chat-to.dev/post?id=16) to the post
Are you uploading your videos to your own server? Or something like s3 or azure blob storage?
[virginia](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=virginia) for my own servers
what kind of language do you use for the backend of your applications?
im setting up a website for a photographer and id like to know how to add watermarks to some of the photos that are available on the site for sale. the watermark will serve to protect them. how can i do this with php or python. can anyone help me?
As I understand it, you need to create a solution to watermark the images on your site?
I think I can help you with that
fascinating meeting with the greatest in technology. find out all about hackathon 2024 [here](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=34)
Hello,How do I get started I wanna start my journey with coding
@Prince97, Start by describing what kind of language or technology you would like to learn and I will help you
I will like to learn html and JavaScript
@Mrhonest36, I've already shown you a guide to follow in the other room

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