Ive posted the 5 parts we need to build a simple and efficient email validator to use in our applications. You can see the post [here](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=1).
a more robust code that you could use would be these that I found here on [stack overflow](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46155/how-can-i-validate-an-email-address-in-javascript)
Yes, yes. Some of the codes there are quite complete. But the scope of the first code captivated me the most
what tools do you use to obfuscate your javascript code?
normally when using sensitive data in our javascript code it is always necessary to obfuscate it. but I haven found anything very good on the internet to do this
create chat rooms and posts sharing tutorials and tips on programming and software development. our system for new registrations was temporarily down. but we e back up and running. so come on over, lets talk and learn more about this topic.
there are many ways to validate the form fields in our applications. but here Ive shown you some of the ways we can validate the name, password, email and number fields. if you find something better or even different, chat with me here or share your code by creating a post. [Click here to see the post](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=12)
quer aprender mais sobre javascript?
pergunte o que quiseres que lhe vou ajudar
Podes Criar uma sala em português e lá podemos tratar melhor disso. Posso passar-te conceitos de frontend e de backend
Yo, Im the guy thats trying to create a blog system
Is this room english only?
[@StoperHK] yes, but if you prefer we can create one in Portuguese, because I also speak Portuguese
i can help you build your blog. tell me what you need, and ill help you with it
Yeah, lets create a portuguese room
create one and Ill go there right now
I will explain it to you there
let us know as soon as you create the room
From now on Ill be leaving little coding challenges. Ill write code sketches and theyll be explained by whoever can explain them. I think it will be an interesting and cool way to learn. To start with, Ill leave you with a [javascript code](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=19), and it will go to whoever can explain it from start to finish.
Hi 👋 [tomcat](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=tomcat)
Which Javascript library do you use to create complex animations in your projects? Because a client asked for a job with a lot of animations and Im not very good at it. What can I do?
Ive been looking for something on the internet but haven found anything relevant. Could you help me with this please?
people have been talking a lot about this 3d.js library take a look [here](https://d3js.org/)
javascript is a very powerful language, which is why its on the list of the programming languages that will BOMB the most in 2024, [see here](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=25). I advise you to look for solutions in some books. [Here](https://coderprog.com/) you have this site that will help you look for very up-to-date books. If you have any questions, you can ask me here and Ill get back to you as soon as possible.
for those who like to make their pages more dynamic with js and css, [heres a very practical example](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=32) of how we can use this. to add a little more flavor to things, you can implement a button with the EVENT property of js so that the styles are applied to the users click. if this helped you, come and talk to us here.
see [in this post](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=33) how to handle arrow functions, how to avoid possible errors
tell me if I missed something or made a mistake
im building a social network for video game lovers and id like to invite a designer to help me with the layout. anyone out there?
ive created a function using old javascript features and id like to see your code creating the same function but using the modern features of the language. so create your post [here](https://chat-to.dev/createpost) and show us how to make it cool.
[this is the function](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=35)
what are the best javascript forums on the internet that you have visited and liked the content of? apart from those found on reddit
can someone also point out forums found on the deep web
how about creating a code comparison section? an area where two programmers each post a piece of code to solve a problem and users go there and choose the best one. i find it funny but very interesting.
wow!! what an interesting post i found [here](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=47). it seems to be a simple code but it is something from which we can build many other things. well done [hackerX9](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=hackerX9)
for those who enjoy working with images, today I'm going to post a tutorial on how to create an image editing application with html5 and javascript.
leave your comments
as promised here is the complete code for the html5 image editing application [the code](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=52)
Someone should please teach me JavaScript am a beginner I just want the person to help me please
take a look at this guide [https://chat-to.dev/post?id=55](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=55) and tell me where you want to start and I'll get back to you.
@Mrhonest, have you ever had contact with a programming language?
is there a way to use common variables between java/html/css? I can use variables i created in css and manipulate the css and html with them, however any input variables i created with javascript will not effect items in css.
Welcome friend Raistlen. To answer your question, Yes, you can't directly use JavaScript variables in CSS. However, you can dynamically update CSS properties using JavaScript. One way to achieve this is by updating inline styles or by adding/removing classes with JavaScript based on the variables' values. Another approach is to use CSS custom properties (also known as CSS variables) and update them with JavaScript, which then affects the CSS rules referencing those variables. Can you provide more details about your specific use case so I can give you a more tailored solution?
[the example](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=91) Here's a practical example of how to do it, Mr. Raistlin. Let us know in the comments what you think of the example. And if you have any questions, just call 😉😉
Open source simulator of digital chemistryI want to talk about an experiment whose aim was to demonstrate that with a small set of rules, complex and interesting virtual worlds can be created right in a browser window.This is a kind of simulation of "digital chemistry" - interatomic interactions in 2D and 3D spaces:- collisions and bounces of particles on contact;- forces of attraction and repulsion between particles;- bonds between particles and the influence of other particles on these bonds;- the influence of temperature and other environmental factors (macro-parameters) on the behavior of particles.Particles of different types are visualized in different colors. The properties of particles, presented in the world configuration, depend on the type of particle:1. The gravity coefficient matrix of unbound particles shows whether a particle of one type will be attracted or repelled from a particle of another type when they are not connected to each other, and with what force.2. The gravity coefficient matrix of bound particles shows whether a particle of one type will be attracted or repelled from a particle of another type when they are connected to each other, and with what force.3. The list of connection limits shows the maximum number of connections particles of each type can have.4. The bond limit matrix shows the maximum number of connections that particles of each type can have with particles of different types.5. The influence matrix of particles on the bonds of their neighbors.Let's delve into the last point in more detail. Without this rule, almost all generated universes would freeze or enter eternal motion after some time, but without regular formation of new bonds. To solve this problem, I introduced a rule where a particle of each type has the ability to affect the maximum length of bonds of particles of different types towards increasing or decreasing. This way, it was possible to achieve the effect of continuous synthesis and breakdown of complex "molecular" compounds.All main simulation parameters can be controlled through a user interface, thus changing the "physics" of the world. In addition, customizable randomization allows creating practically an unlimited number of unique new "universes" with their own unique laws. In general, an interesting and addictive thing turned out.The project is implemented in TypeScript, the interface is based on Vue 3, and the BabylonJS library is used for 3D visualization. To handle high-performance interactions between thousands of particles, many optimization techniques had to be applied, some of which I will delve into in more detail:1. Object pool. In cases where a huge number of objects are created and destroyed during program execution, it is not efficient to spend time creating new ones each time - it is better to find a way to reuse already "discarded" objects instead of instantiating new ones. The object pool pattern allows reusing "disposed" objects instead of creating new ones.2. Proxy facade. It is known (and tested) that accessing proxy objects in JavaScript is much slower than accessing non-proxied objects. However, to make the interface reactive, we have to use proxies for models. I managed to solve this problem by creating proxy facade objects in storage (using Pinia), which reactively change the values of their own copies through watch without proxying, which, in turn, are already used in the simulation (efficiently handling hundreds of thousands of access per second).3. Space clustering. When thousands of particles are involved in the simulation, the need to process the interaction of each with each leads to a serious drop in performance because the algorithm complexity becomes quadratic. By dividing the space into square/cubic clusters, we can process the interaction of each particle only with those in the same cluster or neighboring clusters, neglecting disappearing weak interactions at large distances, significantly speeding up the algorithm.4. Refusal of syntactic sugar in performance-
Wow, it's amazing how much knowledge this message carries, which was possibly interrupted by the number of characters allowed.
at the beginning of my career I always had a hard time adapting my web pages to all devices, so I went on a search and found something that helped me a lot: the media query that I'm talking about in this [post](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=110). leave your HANSHACK and comments [here](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=110)

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