hello, Mr xReqX is the first ruby language room to be created here on the site so I'm very excited about it. I also want to tell you that the rooms are organized by the number of conversations we have, this means that the more conversations we have in a room the higher it goes. so feel free to bring people interested in the language and let's have fun programming.
the rooms are minimalist, so you'll notice the absence of some features such as deleting and editing. But we are working to bring a better experience to our users.
Sounds good. Looking forward to it growing. Feel free to share your projects and questions! :)
Really needs ability to pin certain rooms to first page on a user by user basis. Kinda like a my-feed or something so that users looking for something specific dont need to /r=3. Not an issue rn but as more rooms are made /r=30 would become a more frustrating ux. Let me know if you need help further developing the site.
yes yes this is a problem we want to solve as soon as possible. the feedback you give is very important for the growth of the platform. thank you
we have not stopped, we have worked very hard for hours to bring a platform that brings the necessary conditions for everyone who participates in it to feel comfortable and all this will only happen with your help
cool cool. Im not bashing you or anything. i totally understand a work in progress. Congrats on actually publishing. Most people dont actually take anything outta local env. :)If you need a hand let me know, im down to contrib if you got any specific issues.
You can bet I'll contact you if I need help
sounds good :)
At the moment we are directing all our energies at bringing people to the site and letting them flow within the platform. By participating, we really want people to post relevant information that adds value to all the users who pass through the site and consume it.
As a first request to you, I'd like you to get everyone you know who enjoys consuming this type of content to join the site.
If people are here just for content then they will read the post page and such. Thats great and all but the desire to leave a comment is minimal for most people wanting a tutorial. The best way to make them keep coming back is to focus on the 1 on 1 coding help chats. However most people likley wont make a account spontaneously. I know i for sure woudlnt. I only joined because someone from a link aggregator was askin ppl 2 join :P thought id help out a new network :)
you might be better able to make people stay if you give them a guest account that has limited chats. like 20 max then it prompts for account creation. get them invested ya know. Read only content wont entice repeat visits
But yea ive already told some other ppl 2 take a look. dunno if any of em created acc yet tho
Your point is very interesting and will be analysed carefully. And thank you in advance for telling more people about the site.
What kind of technologies are you familiar with?
I own a small business that targets other small businesses that want custom everything. Ill make static web pages cheap or $$ fullstack with rails or react with an obvious preference for all things ruby. ive also touched sinatra a bit. I will also make custom programs for whatever client needs using c or ruby. Finally i also offer swapping os to linux for work computers and such and have made 2 custom linux from scratch projects for clients.
My most recent payday was a fully custom home automation / security system. drove out to texas to build it. got me 6k and all needed equipment was paid by client
was pretty hard ngl. heres why. For redundancy and whatever he(client) by request wanted bascily everything to be distributed. rather then having 1 computer manage everything each system was separated by task. then any computer on network could access a gui and reach to any device from there.
custom os wasnt really needed but hey thats the upsale. anways with everything partitioned if say the cameras had some issue it wouldnt effect the smart fridge or some shit
now it gets a paid becasue remember there is no main home device managing all the separate systems.
oh also if you havent figured out by now this was one hella paranoid dude
anyways on the local network all the diffrent parts communicated one to another directly, not to some home server becasue he was adamant that he didnt want 1
but it wasnt like device A could talk to every device. so devices could only talk to devices that were relevant to their task. but info could be sent from device B to C even if A couldnt talk to C
B woudl relay info form A to C. yes its slower
now this all makes no sesne i know
he wanted it this way so that if you only certian info was passed around between devices. He hoped that if something went wrong most of the network would be unneffected
He didnt want to use a commercial solution to his issues because he was a privacy freak. like... way more then me
granted he has good reasons. i also dont have any commercial home solutions but thats more becasue i like to tinker with my stuff rather then out of concern of my massage chair and toaster spying on me
what a complex system you have! :D I think it involves really complex things
i dont actually have a massage char..... :(
yea anyways in the end it was a shitshow but it all worked XD
but that was my most recent major payday
as the payment more than 5k?
yea most jobs are <200
alot of ppl just want a basic frontend website and would be happy to go with wix or some other generic wordpress theme
so i cant really charge em a bunch
my best strategy is to get them with cheap website then slowly indoctrinate them into getting fully custom everything
a client of mine litterly wanted me to make a system that would watch her dog when she wasnt home. depending on the amount of activity (movement from room 2 room and time spend outdoors) to determine how much food to feed her pet
she was a semi trucker so often was out for month at a time
but hey. i started her with a custom site for her art. then slowly got to know her issues and provided solutions
now she dont pay dogsitter
and you built the system for her dog?
arduino powers autofeeder that opens for x seconds based on activity
yes yes
yea. so my 250 (and 30 a year for domain) for her website turned into a 400 buck cusotom dog care program
this in ruby?
i got other stories of my other clients with similar things. I get them a custom website, talk about how bad big corp are and why they should buy custom programs and tada. people come back 4 more :)
some but also alot of c
but hey ill chat more later. gotta go 2 work, i teach after school programs for middle/highschoolers
coding ofc ;)
ok. i'll be here waiting. i'm also going to work for a while
Well anyways projects aside. thats my experience i guess
to get back on topic: whoever stumbles apon this threat, ask any ruby questions and someone will get back with you. Also feel free to share cool projects!
I like the language but I've never come across a project where I have to use it. I'd love to take part in a ruby project
Can you indicate some of your projects that are running online?
do you know anything about servers and linux systems?
if so, we need to talk about it
are you there?
have you used any of these websites?[List of websites that went bankrupt but should have done very well](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=150)
Hehe ill take them in order:
there is never a specific project that required ruby. Its general purpose so most things you can swap it out with anything. ruby was made in C so alot of tools that work with it, including some popular gems were originally conceived up as c before ported to ruby to bundle into gems
if your lookin for a project that I have worked on thats popular look at rubocop. me and 2 of my friends worked on it back in 2017ish time, granted huge project with like 1k conributors or something big. Its bascily a linter but will also autocorrect a buncha of stuff depending on how "safe" you want it to be. It can totally ruin stuff if you let it change everything with -A
I know enough with my time working through linux from scratch and the last like 4 releases of linux bible. I get enough how everything works but most stuff i still need to look up how to use/ where something is located. I dont think that will ever change as im not going to bother learning everything, im not an admin. I do have a few home servers however
I got pihole and plex running on one machine, a MC server on the other. a smtp for one of my sites, and nas/plex media. So ive worked on a few things but most are projects that you can fully setup within a day or 2
Also nah i dont use any of those sites. I dont have any big name social media. Only small stuff like this and irc for everything else
Email handles everything else
For close friends of mine that i need to be able to send photots too or voice chat and such i legit use steam becasue it support everything i use and i dont wana bother making a snap/insta for something stupid like that
plus im not a particularly social person outside of a few select communites so i dont keep up with anything modern or hip or whatever to the point of desiring social media to facilitate my "need" to know who the celebrities are fucking at any given point in time
the only ones on that that i would use are the p2p services but large networks like that are prone to malware so i never bothered. My most used torrent network is docspedia (i have spare invites if you want). The smaller the community the better quality. I havent gotten a single bit of malware from anything on there sense. Also thanks to the small footprint the seedboxes have been up for years and dont attract enough attention to be shutdown
there are multiple profiles with over 500ktb upload that somehow havent been taken down. all becasue its not a giant pirate monolith that all the teenagers wana use to pretend their some big bad cyber criminal or some shit.
So we have to work on something together. Because I think I'm going to need to learn a lot from you
Sounds good. This summer when school ends ill have more free time. We'll be able to find someone to build then. In the meantime ill try and help give this place a population boost.
how to generate rails without all the git stuff? it conflicts becasue it is nested within another dir with git on that
there is a rails config somewhere that you can change it globally. For now just make a new project and --skip-git
if you change your mind you can still git init later
you can import all the stuff from your new project to the new one and just bundle install to make sure that the .gemfile is working ok when moving it from one dir to another
is there a way to do it without making a new project?
I mean you can go through and delete all the git files manually. some are hidden so make sure to ls -a or you might miss one
its better to make a new project and carry over your /app and all your config files tho
why do they even bother autogenerating git when project created.
cuz its useful?
I only use it to back it up on github
ever had multiple ppl work on a single project with you before?
I dont see how thats relevant
I just dont want rails to make me do stuff a certian way
thanks for --git skip but i dont want you telling me to use git or not
Most rails projects are big and its common for multiple people to work on them. They know its not allways the case tho so they give you options to change the default
@bazazz Use markdown to add links
if you dont like it change it globally for you system, the configs wont get over written if you update versions so it will stay global forever they way you like
im just saying thankjs for help. but defending them (rails) is not needed
make a pull reqest on their repo if you want to change the defualt
I too have projects that are local only and i use skip git too
Its not about defending rails. Its rails just trying to be easier to what most of their users use. They still allow you to make changes if you dont like. hence why they offer skipping things. It expands beyond git. gimme 1 sec
Options: [--skip-namespace]
that didsnt paste right
meh whatever
just use 'rails new -h'
there is a bunch of options to change, not just git. they are accessable
configurable*just fill in the blank with the right word. i cant think
i just now went to that link
take a sec since copy/paste funny here
hey admin you should prevent context menu (right clik) from working so ease confusion
OK, I'll take care of it
anyways im not bashing the way you do stuff. im just explaing why they do it that way.and its solicited because you legit asked: "why do they even bother autogenerating git when project created"
i wasnt going off on my own explaing why its done that way. you legit ASKED me
We'll add it along with the option to edit and pay. Just hold on a little longer
oh yea no biggie 85. Just something to throw on the to-do list ;P
also might be a silly question, but what is handshack? Is that like the equivalent of upvotes or something?
Yes yes
And a way of giving the post a positive vote
oh oki gotchu. Just the icon looks like a hand grabbing a price tag. like you know the best buy logo. It looks like someone gramming a price tag shaped like that XD.
I was confused what it meant XD
the class made me think it was hand shake but before inspection it was like tf... this on sale or something
Is bazazz out of the conversation?
i dont know. hansnt replied yet. I think he got mad
He wanted to know how to make new rails projects not include .git stuff. then he was opposed to having to migrate from current project to properly setup instance, so i jsut said manually remove the git files. then he was mad at rails for even autogen as defualt and thinks skipping gen of git should b defualt
I told him the command to skip git generation when making a new project
You have to call him again
but when he asked why its the default and i answered he though im defending the rails project or something :/
call him?
To resume the conversation here in the chat. Because it was very interesting for me
im down to help him more. He knows what hes doing afterall if he is already working on a rails project. he prob has spent alot of time trying to fix this issue and is just frustrated a how the solution was kinda simple flag. i get his frustration.
hey BAZZAZ if you need help let me know! im down to help!
if you need help on your project reach out to me with repo and ill take a look
@bazzaz this work?
hmm whelp. there is only 1 ruby chat so far so he cant get lost
@xReqX Don't like using avatars or images on your networks?
ive tried uploading but it dosent auto scale the img to fit so it rejects it i guess and i havent bothered to edit the img to trim it down to applicable width yet
but anyways just scroll up and read chat so you can get an idea of what he needs help with in-case he is willing to talk to you but not me.
Yes, I realise what he wants and I think you've already given the most reasonable explanation
[Programming challenges for implementing sorting algorithms.](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=149) I want to leave you with this challenge. Go to this post and try to solve one of the problems presented in it. Can you do it?
I'm going to get something to eat and I'll be right back. And as soon as I get back, I'll see if you've done the challenge ;-)
sounds good
hey @bazaaz. knock a few off his list!
are you there?
@bazazz's post has unfortunately been deleted, as it didn't add any value for our users. Our users are free to share their ideas and content as long as they respect other members of the community and bring content with some relevance
it felt a little petty :P
i'm helping a friend build a video game website. are you into that? [Playstationcouch](https://playstationcouch.com)
yea ive seen that website already. When lookin at your profile on saidit you had a few of those links posed from a little while ago.
the site seems done tho. the only thing it really needs is more content and users to make it popular
have you seen that we've added a function to reply to comments directly?
we made out, because she was different from the others
0_0 what
wrong chat my dude
but hey, good for you
no no, I just wanted to show you how the new function of replying to comments on posts has turned out. I know that's not what this chat is for. Sorry
are you there?
if you were to join the CHAT-TO.DEV team what position would you like to be in? frontend or backend
haha i dont mean it like that. I meant like Yo we aint that close, that aint none of my business. XD
XD lorem ipsum man if you cant come up with anything else :P
i hopped on to see if there were any changes wasn't expecting something so intimate (⺣ ◡ ⺣)♡*
but yea i can handle both if im familiar with it. What is this site built on?
because for example i dont know php
0_0 really? the site has its backend built entirely in php
haha yea. I have a book about it in my libray but ive never finished it.
ive been told by alot of people that its simple to learn and like a good chunk of the web uses it but ive never gotten around to it
granted. i think the only reason that such a large % f web uses it is becasue wordpress uses it
ive never used word press either so i should prob learn that too. It seems to be a requirement for lots of jobs. i dont really know why because id rather build everything myself and not use their template system and such. but hey, im weird so :/
im personally of the opinion that if someone wants super super easy to learn backend anything. use sinatra. Its braindead easy. You can make a crud application (with out any user verification or anything) in like 20 lines all in 1 file. no giant framework dir's or nothing.
I've also always liked to build my things from scratch, even within the framework I've used very little
php is good when it's pure without a lot of stuff. that's why we decided to create the site with this language
my work here is more with javascript
mhmm im not a fan of bloat... atleast in production
but whenever I can, I'm always tinkering with other things on the site
but whenever I can, I'm always tinkering with other things on the site
you runnin this on a personal server or it being hosted somewhere?
I'm not a fan of bloating either
rails is bloated in development. Its only when you made the production version that its fast
is hosted
ohh gotchu. I have an old desktop that runs my local projects
and is it safe?
Its only local. so if you wana connect you gotta hookup to my vpn
only thing that makes it out is mc server but i have it air gapped from other computers
I did once have a public social media runnin from home. was long ago. was a rails :P. i got one of those domains for like$2 a year and the name was like egfbrauisgrngstyg4tr.io or something
was basicly used for testing and sharing projects so it frequently swapped its task
no host cost (except my energy bill) cuz domain just pointed to my spare computer
haha i still have that computer
fuck it sucks so bad
Keep in mind im poor so all my shit is used junk from craigs list. but this, my first "Server" was bottom of the barrel of even the worst stuff
it is a 2 core celetron. 1.2 ghz i think. has 1.8gb of ram, 1.6 useable, 1.4 at idle. 12gb EMMC
and why haven't you hosted your social network on another server?
Its an old chromebook -everything. I got it for $6. Its just the MB with 2 usb 2.0 and a hdmi out. But it did its job back then.
haha my social network was bascily just rails with 99% scaffolding and minimal css for the last 1% of non-generated content
It was a learning platform... that yea was accessable from internet but still. wasnt a production soluton. I didnt intend to keep it. Just to use it as a learning resorce
i have an idea that you could create a post about this machine and what projects you used on it. i think it would be really cool :D
haha my piece of shit first server. IDK might inspire someone to buy a broken bit of ewaste to use for testing
better then it going 2 landfil :)
hehe imma finish some client work, then i have to go toother work. but later tonight i get to that :)
to other*
ok link with images so it will be cooler
post are .md right?
yes yes
well now I'm going to enjoy a TOOL concert on [youtube](https://youtube.com) and then write a few lines of code for my video game website
we'll talk again. and don't forget to post our idea ;-)
has the way to embedd img changed? wasnt it ![](link)
oh escape character
meh normal links work
the shape remains the same ![img](https://the_image.jpg)
I'll fix the images in the post if you allow me, of course
I've changed the images there. They now appear.
Here's the right way to put it. [add img](https://www.javatpoint.com/images-in-markdown)
yea i thought it was "![]()" but thought the square brackets were optional. It also might be firefox blocking external sources, but it works sometimes so idek XD
i know that i have one of those md live output editors installed on my pc but i never really use it. Prob should
I got a big project starting today so expect less activity from me. Ill still check this chat often to see if anyone needs help with ruby but expect less interaction for the next 2 weeks at the minimum.
I had a very busy day yesterday, lots of meetings and hardly any time for anything. What project will you be working on now?
for a photo storage website with a Rust backend, what would be the starting point? where should I begin?
I dont know rust as i am still working through their official book. But its on the back shelf as its not a very pressing concern of mine. Therefore i will be unable to help you design a back end. Anyways you already know how to make a live site. Keep it similar to what you know. It might be boring but if you build it out in something you are familiar with, you can use that as a blueprint for re-creating it in a new technology. Things to look out for however is that img will use much more storage space then text like this site. Also make sure that the backend is able to support multiple userers submitting img at once. Depending on how you build it, it might only be able to support one entry at a time. Also the Ui would needa be bunch diffrent from this webpage or the play station site.
I wish i had more exp with rust but i dont so im very limited with helping at this point. I do think its a need project. but rather then making something completly original try to re-create something you are already comfortable with so that there are less things that can go wrong.
Also the project is for work. Summer is comming so kids wont be in school and we need to remake the sign up for remote or in home classes. We are going to be adding buncha features including website chat bot and text bot. actually having user accounts so that parent can manage their kids learning aswell as request info about how the classes are going and such a 1 on 1 chat for teacher => parent. plus the store manager wants to move away from stripe for some reason... to square which i would argue is worse but whatever. Then ofc a complete redesign of front
oh they also gave me a debit card to go buy the new server stuff as the last one was running on 2 old dell 3070 slims. now we will need something a bit more beefy to handle more people at once with all the active features bots. Im most excited about the bots. Ive only made email bots before so sms will be new to me. gotta learn some new stuff :)
I think this site is much more complex than the image site I'm planning to build. This site involved a lot more people to build than will be necessary for a site that just stores images with descriptions of them.
And by the way, I'm sorry, it wasn't Rust but Ruby that I'm going to use for the backend.
that's why I brought it up in this chat
about your work, i see that you have a very big responsibility in your hands. if you need any help on the frontend don't hesitate to call me
haha no biggie.
if your site is simple and you dont wana bother with stuff like users but rather just simple crud with no authentication use sinatra. You can pick it up in a few hours.
as for the job 4 for im payed hourly, which is uncommon, but :P so ill come ask for help if something big comes up, but i get paid to struggle so unlikely.
Its jobs for MY business that i get payed flat
paid* :/
But I'll tell you what stage my photo app is at
Since the chat is for talking about ruby
I was reading in another room which is a work on an interactive book. How is it going?
what do you think of NFT technology? have you thought about programming something for it? [These are some of the most expensive NFTS in the world, all shit to me. what do you have to say?](https://chat-to.dev/view_trend?id=166)
I didn't know but I saw today that github was written in Ruby
and spotify too
have you ever thought of creating a website and having it monetized for you?
I'm thinking of doing that with my image project. But I think it's very difficult, don't you?
the work on the rust interactive book is not me contributing to the book. Its me working though their book. Just want to clarify. XDIve put that on back burners as im in no rush to learn rust.
Also yes alot of websites are made in rails and even more in ruby. Its general purpose but also really easy to use. Stuff like attr_accessor makes classes easier and everything letting me make more with less lines and less time wasted. I wont claim that its a super high preformant language or super effiecient becasue it neither. but its good enough to be used in production on many large services so its good enough for me.
as for monitization i would only really ever allow donations. Im pretty sure it would be easy to lauder btc or something. not that you should or that i would, but my taxes are complex enough. i wouldnt want to bother adding a new income source. now if someone wants to gift the purchase of my website cost i woudlnt be opposed, but only small scale stuff. I wouldnt want to monetize via ads or at a level that im making meaningful $$ because of all the strings attached. Possibly in the future if my buisness goes anywhere and i can have a accountiant. but not now.
I still encourage you to try.
will you monetize via paywalls or ads? then how do you expect to be paid. stripe, btc?
if you think you will make good $ and ifs it worth the headache then go for it! otherwise i would take donated gifts to offset the cost of running the website. And img site will cost alot of $ cuz of all storage needed so monitization might be the only way to build that. so you might not even have a choice
I think it's going to cost quite a bit because of the image storage. I just don't want to have an advert there
But did the donations have to be in bitcoin?
For example, on this site we have decided that we will not place any advertisements, either now or in the future. We want to keep it as clean as possible for our users.
i only brought up btc cuz of ease to money launder. Its a common way to recieve $ without having to get taxed. Now i have to say: DO NOT COMMIT TAX FRAUD.
If you are ok with dealing with all the tax headaches then yea. go ahead with normal cash or stripe or whatever.
you also might look into creating a non-profit but thats still alot of work for a img board.
look. do you plan to make money from this site, or are you just trying to offset the cost of server
as I have mentioned in many messages here in the chat, this is not my website but that of [JavaJuggler](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=JavaJuggler) on the site I am only working on the frontend and on the promotion of it. The rest is in the hands of two other people
in reply to: i do intend to monetize one of my sites. and i'm already thinking about how to do it
when refering to "this" site, it was in context with your img hosting site. I understand the ownership properties of chat-to.dev.Anyways since you are looking to monetize imma assume that you wana profit. You cant really profit as an individual however. you will likley need to make a sole-propiritorship so that you can receive money. If you wana do it the legal way ofc
I'll have to dedicate myself more to the backend (which I do very little of) because I'll have to deal with uploading images, speeding up the loading of pages with images, requests and many other things.
but the conversation I have with the guys here on the site and with the other members of the chat-to.dev team has already brought me closer to it
are you there?
now we can **bold** words and phrases. i've been working on it all day
implementing this here in the chat wasn't easy, as I already found a lot of the code done
was or wasnt? woudlnt having alot of it done be easier?
I'm really working on it. I'm correcting most of the errors of the past programmer. Since I have an acceptable mastery of **Javascript**, this is a piece of cake for me
ohh i gotchu. Alot of it was done, but done poorly
makes sense. good luck!
I wouldn't say badly done. but with some BUGS. and my job is to find them and fix them
the previous programmer was good but he had several projects to manage
we have decided that non-registered users cannot access the full text of publications. what do you think of this decision?
I proposed it to them and it was accepted. the functionality is already active
nice. It will get non-users invested in the site if they feel that they can contribute without needing to fork over information at first. I think its a good change. Of course the content will need to be monitored closer then traditional user content.
right. that's exactly what i was thinking
nice repair you made to the last post! [Mastering SEO: Best Practices Every Web Developer Should Know](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=189)
you should only have hit back with a post contradicting that
oh it wasnt supposed to be confrontational. Its more me just ranting about the web getting worse over time and such
ill prob make a post. populate the site with more content i guess
populate, because your content has always shown quality to those who read it. and so you also help it to grow more. you would like to read two of your posts a day, do it if you can
**Mr. fschmidt** said on another forum that the site should add more features. Our idea is to bring something as simple as possible and easy to use for our users, so we don't think too much about new tools. you also have the same vision as Mr fschmidt?
The main focus of this site is to chat with dev's. All the other stuff is fluff. like that trends, i feel that it and post could be consolidated. They may be 2 different things but they show up on the same page. Cut down on adding more and more pages. That should keep it simple for the users.
but because the main point is to chat with devs you should only really be putting effort into the chat system. Add more features here as this is the main attraction.
you already said that you have a edit chat and room feature in the works. thats good.
Possibly allow users to send messages via ctrl enter like most email clients do becasue having to move hand from keybaord 2 mouse is an un-needed movment.
allow uploading files to the site so that we dont have to link stuff elsewhere. this would allow us to share longer bits of code >60 lines or so that when i share it dont take up the whole chat but rather people can just download it and view locally
right now when i open a chat its at the top of page before it snaps to the bottom. I dont really care about that as it solves its self instantly, but that does mean that the chat buffer does not autodelete. It has to pull EVERYTHING from beginning of chat which is prob not the most efficient way to set up your backend. even if loading is still quick. If chats become more active it will hurt you after some time when the buffer is massive
stuff like that will show that you prioritize the chat. which is really the feature that you should be leaning into as its the main source of new users.
the points mentioned are very relevant and many of them we are already working on. But you've added a few more points that should be taken into account, such as uploading images and reducing the volume of messages per room.
We have removed the limitation on viewing post text for those who are not logged in, as this caused a lot of criticism and so we decided to remove it. We will work more on the rooms that are our main focus
the rooms were created to create a community atmosphere between people who share the same doubts and questions. that's why we have them as our top priority
yea exactly. the other stuff is just secondary. if your going to add features, the chat should be first.
im honestly not even trying to suggest anything as i think the thing this place needs most is time to grow. No matter what you do to improve the site its still gonna take a while.
well actually the ctrl-enter thing is an issue.... the rest tho are not much of suggestions but rather a general direction of: focus on what really matters
as for my posting content to the site. Im not going to do it frequently, but the content drops will be somewhat significant. Currently im learning how to work with dragonruby and imma post about my journey once i feel confortable. then ill post a follow along after for those who wana pick it up.
so ill contrib, but 2 a day, or even really 1 a day is kinda hard when i only post long rants XD. Took me 45 min to do that piece yesterday. If im going to commit to a post its gonna be big like that, not smaller little pieces. Im just not, to the point enough to do that. I talk a shit ton and i cant keep anything concise XD
anyways. i dont have an eta on the journey
are you there?
a few more features have been added: 1. we can now send messages without having to use the mouse, now we can just do it with the **ENTER key**. 2. we have improved the loading of messages in the rooms when the page is loaded and 3. we have added the buttons for editing and deleting messages.In the next few days we'll be adding file uploads (only for images) and new fonts for texts.
ohh neat!
hmmm how to add
new line?
we've added ENTER and the button for sending messages. no other choice
ahh i gotchu, chats that take up multiple lines are not that common anyways so its a net positive boost :)
mention at least 10 practices you've had in your **Ruby** applications to keep your applications more secure. be they web or desktop
ha one should be good enough as it makes most others obsolete. If you dont need more lib's dont depend on them. The less extra crap you have bundled into your application the less likley a vulnerability is going to be found and exploited.
other then that rubocop -a kinda catches up anything that i missed thats considered "best practices" so i dont really need to spend alot of time securing anything.
rubocop -a??🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️I don't know what that is
if you use the search tool here 👆 you'll find some pretty cool stuff. In this post I talk about some things to look out for to have a more secure application: [Keep your application and your customers safe with these tips](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=28). take a look and let me know what you think.
-a (not -A) is just an autocorrect flag that works with rails and will go and point out issues that could be dangerous. I dont think that rails compatability ships with stock rubocop as ive added some stuff to its features. but anyways. it will even update my depends
i want to post the most secure programming languages. but i can't find enough material to defend this. the only thing i can find are the most popular languages on the market >:(
Because programming languages are not secure. Its the frameworks and stuff that we add to them that makes them vulnerable.
for example sql gets shit on all the time for the many breaches that have been involved in, but its not the language fault. Its bad opsec and often a dependency that was the access point in mega breaches. Its not the languge fault
understand 🤔
If you want to find a language thats "secure" just find one that is obsecure and not really used in production. Pen testers and the such dont bother with esoteric crap becasuse its pointless. They focus on whatever most big corp use for their DB
like Luan?
the language advocated by **Mr. fschmidt**
im not familar with that. Googled it and it seems to be lua right
luaplusplus (.md stoped the )
\ \
[see here](http://www.luan.software/why.html)
ok.... but lua is already minimalist. so they seem to even more minimalist-ist it.
so more like lua-- XD
I mentioned it on kbin.social and check out this user's comment [https://kbin.social/m/programming/p/5814691/have-you-ever-done-anything-with-Luan-what-was-your](https://kbin.social/m/programming/p/5814691/have-you-ever-done-anything-with-Luan-what-was-your#post-comment-7379993)
I dont think its a bad thing he puts all that stuff on his about page. If he decides to improve a language he should be able to do whatever he wants. so i think people bashing him is dumb. If you dont like it, just dont use it.
i also agree with you. just don't use it
I like his take on minimal. Prob why it was inspired by lua. but im not against lots of features
but I'm paying more attention to it in particular. I'm even thinking of implementing it in some things.
I think a language should be 100% operable with only minimal syntax. After you learn the min then you should feel free to start using the more advanced stuff. Its the same argument between functional vs oop.
I would be a bit hesitant to use it. Not because its bad, but rather becasue its a passion project. development and maintenance of it could suddenly end whenever.
I would still use it for a fun project or whatnot but anything that is going into production i wouldnt use something obscure becasue i dont know if it will be supported in 5 years or so.
i'd like to see things that have already been built with this language. it would be very interesting to see
but anyways back to the main discussion about security. Yes, im sure that im you implimented that language then you would be immune from most attacks of sorts
That's how I feel about many frameworks.
that's why I hardly use them in my applications
mhmm. but frameworks are often bloated. And im not giving rails a pass either. If im worred about security. use rails with minimal lib's so that when i make the production version i dont need to keep track of 30 dependancies but rather just a core few 8-10. The less surface area for an attack the better off you are.
I used to love **Jquery** and today it's not even used much by programmers.
I still use it to parse data sometimes
but its for that 1 small task. it never gets used for really anything else
I think that a sqlite with minimal dashboard, logging stuff, and a ddos suite (comes with buncha tools) covers most small web applications
I dont have anything that stores customer info or anything, and https already covers most issues from cleints connecting and such. So all i gotta focus on is bots spamming server or other annoyances.
once you start adding massive ammounts of security, and with me being a 1 man team. i would just look to offhand most stuff to hostinger or someone and only store the DB on my personal server and only allow request from the 1 hostinger
Do you have anything to help the bots?
custom. New visitors are added to temp white list. a bot detection suite runs on each user to check if user tries to... (whats it called when you check for subdomains?), submits unhuman
huh char max out?
oh part 2:
submits unhuman ammounts of connections, changes locations too fast, or if alot of people from 1 isp try 2 join, it will add them to black list and notify me so i can manually white list anyone manually
good! well thought out
stiil it is basic and will not prevent advanced attacks
but what service is this in?
but im not a target for advanced attacks
I got hacked once and it was my friend who just put furry porn on my auto-reply-to email for my buisness
but that was only time. and he just does dumb shit to piss me off often
Also its for my buisness tech support center
he's evil!
what's the name of your company?
If you buy a website or custom program you get an account added to my live chat (and bot chat) to grab some info from you. also if you bought a custom linux distro from me it instructs you how to launch a custom app on your desktop that i made that just sends me bascily every system log
That is my web-dev site. My custom programming site is not going to be listed here evidently. but its a .onion that changes once a month
put the url well so that other people will click on it and be redirected to your site
wow this is amazing!!! 💖
nah req is my anon handle. i use my other for buisness stuff
I dont want anyone digging in and finding relations between my personal and this acc. I made this acc with my anon email not my personal so i dont want internet slouthes to connect the dots
Since i have my real address for my buisness i try to keep stuff seperated
ok ok i get it
to get buisness lisence for my states corporation commission i have to include my personal address. so yea i keep req seperate from my normal stuff :P
Im totally cool with my .onion getting shared tho. thats my fuck around site
yes yes. anonymity on the internet is important
granted it changes often as its a temp tor address. but anyways. my 3rd site is my programmershowcase
send the link
so 1: buisness site, not technical as most people dont even know what have the tech shit means, so easy for non-tech savvy person to get an idea of what i do and reach out to buy services. 2: my onion wierd site when i post games and other weird desktop applications. site 1 and 2 share the same github profile. site 3: is showcase for nerds, its currently down but i got big dreams for it
this one is down but i currently remaking it
send the links to the ones that are online
the old personal showcase site was linked to my second github which has my fancy projects. it is also about 8 years old XD while new github acc like only 3 or so i think
[https://dtspersonal.dev/](https://dtspersonal.dev/) this one won't open
yea its in construction after i took down old one
im making it into a really cool portfolio. gimmie 1 sec to show you what inspired the recreations
no problem. i'm here
so im working on re-creating that to be my nerd portfolio. the differance between that and my non-tech savvy buisness site is that its gonna showcase projects and be technical so showoff to companies that mayy want to pick me up. buisness site it really only to advertise to other local buisnesses and get them to let me handle their tech stuff
good strategy
here is my last client : [site](https://1stoppaintingandcontracting.com) ignore the popup XD. I was on trip and had to change the code using my phone as its only thing that had service
so i dint put alot of edffort into it
when i texted them to let them know that i added the popup like they asked they said they liked it XD
i was like ok. if you say so and left it haha
fuck i hate using phones to do anything
[https://bruno-simon.com/](https://bruno-simon.com/) this one is a bit slow, but it's probably my connection. it's not very good today
but i also handle all their computers (debian with plasma) so i can remote in and fix their issues. I set up their networking in their office and created a server based workflow for the employees
so what it does is emplyees submit photos of work their on, and get approval from managment. also supports like file uploads
Are you good at computer networks?
The reason theyneeded something custom is becasue stuff like dropbox sucked when they were moving blueprints around and stuff. So i upload file 2 server then tag you. then you connect to server from your device and edit it. but i can view your changes real time. so its like those multiplayer coloring baords: scrible.io
im decent at networksing. setup normal shit but also vpn's adblockers (pihole) nas and dmz's
nothing enterprise grade
also you can only really view the bruno-simon site on desktop. Its a hard 2 run website. very beefy
ok ok
Its a interactinve website (webgl i think) where you drive around and view his projects and such. with phyics
who programmed this site?
so im making my own and its going to be my portfolio site with all my cool shit. imma make it with [gosu](https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/projects/gosu) or dragonruby
bruno-simon made it. its all over the site, if you drive around. once your on a better device/internt connection
this is something very elaborate
ahh did you get it to load?
so im currently in process of making it work (without phyics) and whatnot
i might needa run opengl if i want to get advanced 3d stuff to work
or i might go with a DOOM 2.5d style and have showcase that way
idk. both options are currently in dev for almost 8 months so far
domains r cheap so im not in a rush to get my personal back up
I should prob make a placeholder eventually
yes, it's open
and it's perfect
Pretty cool idea for a website. Granted mine wont b that advanced, but a game, and you go around and show off your shit inside it. thats cool and engaging. other tech people will like it... however its a terrable idea for buinsess website as most are phone users who just want your email and thats it XD
so yea. i love that site and its main insiration... whenever im done dev it XD. i told you already im making some stuff for my company
alot of backend
here is my company [site](https://gentechsupport.com/)
not my buisness, but a sepetare company i work 4.
working on making service for users that dont have a good device. so it will create a new vm for each user. any changes they make get saved when done and vm gets reset. nect time they connect the vm will "remember" their changes and configure to their previously defined setup
this "server" is a buncha old buisness desktops clustered up via switch (and pcie to pcie) for load distribution. we also need a sepete "super computer" (which is another cluster of much more powerful parts that im currently buying parts for) that will allow large data calculations or machine learning projects to live
but all the users are going to share. so it needs a load distribution system to allow multiple users but keep their processes separate. then the supercomp will need to be able to allocate its resources to the vm on request.
so kinda like that download more ram joke from a decade ago
this is already something big [https://gentechsupport.com/](https://gentechsupport.com/)
the frontend is just some random wordpress shit. the backend is the service heavy part
kinda like my buisness website. where if you buy stuff from me you get a user and can instant message me and let me remote and share logs site
same thing. front end displays, but if you join a specific path based off your username i gave you itll log you into you chat with me dashboard
ugg i needa draw something then ill upload it as img to make more sense
and who worked on the backend of this site? [https://gentechsupport.com/](https://gentechsupport.com/)
[dont bother making an account](https://magma.com/d/rT33oNRmN2)
this looks like Figma
have you been using it for any of your own things?
never mind i cant figure how 2 use
no i just needed to draw but never used that ui so
frontend bit is handles by hostiger, custom interface connects to my home server where it is separated from all other devices. this bit handles the chat and has my ssh client to remote to my clinets conputers. also stores all the logs and stuff that get generated on my clients computers once a month
basicly only used if they need to contact me or if i wana force a full-upgrade at midnight onto their computers. i should prob just make a cron job but idc
what kind of files do you think we should allow to be uploaded here in the rooms? images, documents or audios?
img and doc. img cuz i feel that thats just a pretty basic thing, then doc for actually sharing code snippits that are too long to paste in chat. audio seems to have limited usage unless its a vocal tutorial or something. but thats not very common so dont bother
That's exactly what I thought
what do you think will be the most popular languages in 2024?
for you in this case
I dont think anything language wise is going to change. I think its more frameworks and tools thats going to change
thanks to all the $ put into AI from big tech in the last 2-3 years all those projects that were sponsored are going to come into fruition. Basically its time for their 1.0 release
so i think that all the soon to come new ai tools and stuff will push stuff like python rust or whatever ai languages are popular up even more. but its not going to be becasue of anything the language did but rather the introduction of new ai tools
for better or worse....
yes yes. all this will do is bring horrible programmers to the market in every respect
With the wave of frameworks alone I already felt it a lot, I can't imagine how it will get worse
you could even post something interesting about it
do you have enough bases to post something about it?
nah, my opposition to the whole AI thing leads me to not really invest too much into it. so i dont know enough about it
now also i dont hate ai, just the "generative" stuff. I think its going to lead to alot of bad code as companies switch to using ai rather then dev's. the rest of ai is really cool an promising
so yea, ive never looked into it enough to have any meaningful talking points to write about
now that the images are on the index page, only allowed staff can post there
previously this function was available to everyone. it has been improved and now not everyone can post on **TRENDS**
when we create the option of points on the site, those users with the most points will be able to post and show images of their content in the trends. understand? so everything will depend on how much you post and commit in the posts
so kinda like reputation on reddit where you cant post(trends specifically) unless you got enough rep/points?
according to your points, we'll analyze what you can and can't post
New trends are preferred, but things from recent and interesting technologies are allowed.
did you know that because of your excellent participation and contribution to the site you are one of the few people allowed to post on Trends? You've been chosen and can now use this function.
i hope to see soon what the trends are for you in the area of technology, programming and software development
haha im a Ruby on rails dev. im mostly behind the curve on anything 'trendy' XD. ROR went out of style 8-10 ish years ago before react became the big thing
But yea ill contribute if i find anything more modern to chat about ;)
ok ok. the important thing is that you have the functionality available to you
use it when you need it
do you have any knowledge of cybersecurity?
Ive never specifically learned about any of it. I only really know best practices and common sense stuff. Nothing fancy.
ok. today we found a small bug and we are fixing it. and we would like all those who participate in the site, if they find something, to report it to us. If you find something, please let us know.
we had a small **BUG** in the pagination of posts by user, but fortunately we have already overcome the **Bug** 🥵🥵
we hope the problem hasn't affected you in any way
didnt even notice. I dont really go to the post page much. I access them from the panel on the right of the main chat page.
That's great.
ok well i did just access the post page and your ai post has all the .md special characters visable. On the post page, not on the panel on the chat page, or in the post, just on the post list page
not really a bug, just an escape character gone wrong... somewhere, idk im not gonna bother lookin 4 it :P
can you show me this? i can't see it here
the text actually shows \_ ## <br>Google you're fucked ### <br>My humble opinion. 1. Gemini is crap compared to **ChatGPT** 2. More and more people are... \_
rather then applying the style, that post seems to be the only one exclusivly doing this
ah! that was our choice. but we've already removed it
i miss our friend bazazz here in the chat
im used to un-active ruby forums XD. anything that isnt the official ruby forum is basically dead.
which Ruby programming forums do you visit the most?
I want to train Ruby by building something simple for computers, something like face recognition
you haven't been very active here in the chat lately. but i understand that it's time. I really wanted you to [take a look at this](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=94) and say something about it here in the chat
Only the official ones now. All the other community ones have been shutdown over the last few years so its not even accessible any more. Even channels for ruby on discord, mastodon, reddit, irc, or subscribed newsletters are basically all dead. Most ruby devs only use ruby for personal projects any more and use something else for projects for their job and whatnot. The overall usage of the language has dropped off alot even though its still in development. The newest version of ruby came out this feb i think.
Even one of my fav ruby sites to get some larger clinets went down this year
Its strange how it can still be developed and keeps having tools and such made for it, but usage just keeps moving to react or python pyramid or whatever the newest trend is
now as for your article: I think all these services are stupid. Yes i have a github, but i dont like it owned my Microsoft, i think alternatives are great. but herees the thing. you can use whatever version control software with your own server. If you really want all the features and control, just make the repo on your own machine or build a machine specifically for hosting your code. then other people can access it if you let them, it can be private, there are no limitations for anything. Its just a win win.
People fighting about which one is better because of X, X and X features are morons because you dont need to pick one or the other and compromise. Just host ya own stuff.
we have to “turbocharge” people's interest in the language. let's make this room a giant community for those who are interested in it and bring in projects we've made in the language.
what communities could we invite more Ruby-loving people to? do you have anything in mind for that?
The people who use the official forums are unlikely to use this service. The more they contribute to the official forum and newsletter they get... something like street cred that makes jobs take them more seriously. The only other ruby community im in is in IRC.
I have alredy posted this website in freenode and libera in the ruby channel and programming channel but it seems no one was interested.
granted the ruby chats are mostly inactive there aswell so im not exactly surprised
I suppose you could FORCE them to be involved by making a bot that auto forwards chats sent here to the rooms and vice versa.
That sounds like kinda alot of work making a bot to forward chats back and forth but it would be an effective way to force people into rooms by conjoining the rooms together. This would also work for the other chat rooms here on chat-to.dev aswell.
The thing is this would be a pain. The effort to do all this would be more diffictult then just making your own IRC chatroom then having this website be a browser-chat that just hooks up to the irc, like [kiwi](https://kiwiirc.com/)
That entitles a complete remake of this site and your DB so its not a good idea. That would only leave the more difficult chat-to-chat bot if you wana boost viewership.
I don't think forcing it would be a good idea. What we're thinking here is to talk about the site elsewhere and see if people come. We know very well that this is not an easy task, especially for sites that have only been around for a short time, like this one.
in the same way that we decided that we would never post an ad here on the platform, we also decided not to force anyone to come here. we will spread the word about the site whenever necessary, but we don't want to force anyone to come here.
We know the potential that this can generate and we're going to keep working on it, even if we only have 10 people passing through.
as a first hand news, tomorrow we are going to implement the functionality to upload images to the rooms. it's going to be fantastic. So I decided to share it here in the room
since this is where the idea took flight. Thanks [xReqX](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=xReqX)
Ofcouse i wouldnt want to force others to interact with this site if they didn't want to either. In fact its againt alot of IRC networks rules so you would likely get kicked pretty quickly unless you got special permission. I only bring it up because it is only of the only places it chat with other devs at all. Since i have experienced bots that have similar functionality that had been whitelisted it seemed relevant.
I have promoted the site in my local groups and directly to some devs that I am personable with. However as im sure you are aware as a dev ammount of devs i know in real life are minimal. This results with most social interaction lacking the personal influence over another person to suggest they use a particular platform.
Basically if a stranger walked up and recommended a movie to watch. It would be weird, but more importantly wouldnt really change you mind about what film to watch. Its only your friends and such that can recommend stuff that will genuinely be considered.
To sum it up: there is not any more peer to peer connections that I am able to expend to further promote the site like i have been doing recently. The best move now is to find a more broad promotion. I will be bringing the site up at the next conference i attend late summer to a mild audience. Untill then the best I am able to really do is create some content i guess.
I dont really know what else to do as from reading the other chats, not much seems to happen. I dont think that it is a development failure, more of a over saturation of fourms with legacy members that dont have a strong enough appeal to leave their current environment. Its probably going to be a slow growth.
The post are great but if i stumbled across this website id value the chat's for help questions and sharing projects the thing that makes this diffrent.
Its better then stack overflow becasue you can have a conversation if you need help rather then having a long comment thread. Its better then IRC because the feed exist even when your not online without you needed to set up a inbox bot. Its better then discord becasue discord is balls. and its better then language specific forums because sometimes you just have a general questions thats not framework/lang specific.
I dont know how to really promote that feature though. Its already built and there is nothing else to really include.
Id love to use this chat to help people, then they might come back or reccomend it to people they know who need help. But so far ive been asked 1 question. and it was a hit in run. Got an answer and dipped kinda thing
Getting a quick answer is able to be found anywhere. The best thing about a live chat is that you can get a walkthough and have someone there to help with follwup questions that you run into after solving the main problem.
What probably needs done is some type of big event to get alot of people to come in and interact with eachother.
Or we need to promote to beginning programmers so that as they grow in their learning they will be aware of this place once problems come up.
So target either experienced programmers with some type of event to get a bunch of them together for a multiday something and not just a "i got an hour to kill" type of project. Or hang out at places that new devs often chat to recruit before they get settled down in any particular environment. A good way to do this is prob to promote beginner friendly stuff and make that a main focus. Python is something that alot of beginners start with, then they all seem to take the web-dev path as its the most straight-forward path. incorporate stuff newbs like. Possibly combine both of those ideas idk
Im just typin out whats passing thru my mind because i dont think there is anything I personally can do as my sphere of influence is too small.
Possibly make a page for general tech help. Not everything is language specific. Someone might need help setting up all the dependencies they need for a project. I know i was confused first time i used gems or npm. Hell i was confused first time i use apt/rpm. Stuff like that will be beginner friendly and hopefully involve them enough for them to keep comin back
I dont really know. Most of the established dev's dont wana leave what they have sooo idek
well fuck good luck i guess, put some ideas u got here. if i come up with anything else today ill come back and put it here. Imma go out for a ride now i guess
haha i typed a lot :P have fun readin ;)
it wasn't just fun, it was also important, because I was able to pick up a lot of points that we really need to have and bring them here so that people can get involved.
do what you can to get more people to know the site and interact with it more.
this chat is more fluent here. the others were created but the creators themselves have not returned to it, which i don't know why. but i understand because there were few people at the beginning. they will remain there for some time and if they continue to interact they will be removed
we will only leave those that have some interaction per day. otherwise we will remove
I think that limitations in the beginning of some functionalities also contributed to the low level of interaction in the chats. But those who have taken an interest in the site have left their feedback and we've responded in some way, and this will benefit new members as they'll find things more mature.
I would also like to say that your participation here is very important to us and we already consider you a member of the **CHAT-TO.DEV** family.
i want you to keep working with us because only with people like you will we make this a giant for everyone who enjoys programming and developing things.
are you there?
So, have you come up with any other ideas?
nah, i dont think there is anything that can be done to get people to come here for answers when we haven't been asked any questions yet.
id love to be able to help some people but no one new has came for help, dunno what im supposed 2 do
one way is to keep talking about it in other communities and always bring relevant content here
which of the two do you prefer or use as a setup?
or this?
today we officially launched the tool for images and documents in chat rooms. for images only images up to **2mb** are allowed with **jpg**, **gif** and **png** files and for documents the **same** size and with **doc**, **docx**, **pdf** and **txt** files.
we had to change 85% of the code to get these results. we hope everyone has fun with it
Can you do a post here on the site talking about the new features we have added now? I see you're very good at it
You can help us
I would prefer the second setup with the window. But that terrible slim keyboard needs to go. If i wanted a keyboard with keys that hardly moved i would use a touch screen. Slim keybaords suck.
The upload a file is probably the best improvement since the edit feature. Now if someone needs lots of code i wont need to just have a ``` wall of text ``` taking up the entire chat
gotcha, the site cant deduce the filetype from properties alone, it needs type listed in the name
Thats the standard BTW. I just wanted to see how far it could b taken ;P
file received✅
yes yes this feature will allow programmers to share already edited documents without having to write them again
more improvements to functionality are yet to come
the second setup option is actually more appealing to me. i'm thinking of buying a new stand for my 32” monitor
Id rather have a buncha monitors rather then a few big ones. My desk is kinda narrow from the back to front so huge monitors are kinda overwhelming since im only a foot and half away from them. But with multiple screens i can have ide on one, output on another, music/chats/steam open on another, etc.
I use kde plasma so tiling windows is already super simple and works great with 2 monitors so im sure itll handle 3 even better. I think 3 is the perfect number of monitors. Next time i move ill prob buy a desk larger to accommodate more.
plus what i really need is some desktop sterio. Right now i use a radio. It has a aux input mode and ive been using that last 4 years. Plus its a good radio so theres that too. Its multifunctional XD. But yea its sterio technicaly thanks to 2 speakers, but the speakers are about 9 cm apart and as its a table top radio you cant seperate them
so both are mounted to my right as i cant do center as i still need to be able to reach the controls for radio usage and dont wana contort my arm under monitor to reach controls mounted on top
Its a pain
but works 4 now. If i need good audio ill just put on my much nicer headphones. better in every way
I just prefer headphones because of the people here at home. My music bothers them. And I'm thinking of buying another monitor, but this time a small one, so maybe it will help me with my tasks.
We're thinking of increasing the category for the rooms. At the moment we have very few categories for those who want to create their own rooms. We're thinking of Linux, hacker and a few other categories
What do you think about it? And which categories do you think we should implement more of?
have you thought about how to create a post describing all the site's features? you haven't given us an answer yet
I think the best start -> now feature update would be a collaboration of your commit messages. Honestly besides bullet pointing them there really aint much more content for me to add. Plus you say even more stuff is to be added soon so its an always evolving situation thats going to be outta date in a month. Plus wouldnt it be better to make a FAQ or tutorial page to cover all this stuff rather then a post. The only people who i think would really need a list of what this site includes are people who havent been here before. Those first time visitors are unlinkey to scroll or search through the posts to find a article about features. Simply i think that a: a post aint the best spot for it, b: the info changes to quick so a remake would be needed in just a few weeks, c: the people who need it most wouldnt be able to find it as easily as on your about page or somewhere like that. d: your commit messages are likley a more accuarate timeline of events and changes then i would be able to come up with.
If you are wanting a post created so that you can share it around like an advertisment that is 1 thing and im not opposed to it. But a post that i create showing the feature additions and changes over time would be a really short documentary of your latest changes. Keep in mind ive only been here almost a month and only whitnessed a few changes compared to some legacy members.
Also the categories you will wana create are whatever the newbies are into these days. Prob find a few of them on discord or wherever they hang out and ask them their interest. a few that i would add anyways would be front-end as its what most end up doin, whatever the new pyton frameworks are as paython is a go-to lang apparently, general advice channel for dont really know where to go, as thats something i struggled with. Just add whatever the newbies say they like. Im pretty sure there is also going to be some type of facebook group for new coders so try that to interview them.
Even with all of that already created if there isnt really anyone in those channels to get the conversation going then they wont really think this place will be more helpful then what they already got.
oh fuck i just had a terrible idea
I just wana preface this with i dont think you should do this its just popped into my mind. So im thinking about what a new programmer would want. becasue i think they are the target audience.
so you know how stack overflow is really just stack exchange, then they have overflow, super user, serverfault, etc
well if i was new to say python. mega resources might intimidate me. but if i found an online forum (like i did 4 ruby) id be more comfortable because its simply 'my people' there. so if i was in a newbie FB group or wherever they commune now-a-days and a link was dropped to a python chat group with help, general, show and tell, and rooms like that all newbie language specific they might feel more comfortable not having to wall past the C
It would be too much work to impliment this for all the languages but for the beginner specific ones it might be possible. For everyone who uses the main site we can see all the chats, but s special /pythoon url will only show python related chats and will be pre-populated with a few rooms so they wont feel the need to create one themself. Change that page styleing to the yellow and blue of python or some other dumb stuff like that
you get the idea. Also i still think its a bad idea and alot of work. buy hey, you asked for chat room ideas i gave you something much worse. burn me at the stake XD
I would like a linux, showandtell, compTIA study room. I would create them myself but i dont feel that i can manage the room as id be unable to handle really hard questions or issues that someone may have. My advice would be to focus on making the beginner friendly rooms not the advance rooms as the newbies seem easier to get here then senior devs.
then the FAQ page will be created
but about the rooms, they are created by the users themselves and they do with them what they want, whether it's passing on simple information, teaching or learning something. so they can be beginners or advanced. it's like a community where people with a single interest meet and talk about things about that.
we don't care if someone else has a better site to compare with this one, but rather the desire to take advantage of our features and make it a means of communication and sharing. as you've said in past texts, our focus has to be on the rooms and that's what we're working on and will continue to work on
yea i totally get it
im just outta ideas so its really scraping the bottom of the barrel now
hahaha well, you don't have to feel that way. after all, it's just a simple conversation we're having
which can also be beneficial for our side projects. you always learn by talking about these things, especially for us programmers.
the site will stand on its own two feet, doing what it was programmed to do
help people find a place where they can talk, share and learn about programming
whatever domain we have
for now, fuck those who prefer bigger places, I don't like them because they force us to watch a lot of advertising and use us as products
this site has been designed for people who are fleeing from these places and who find here a place of great comfort. **WE WILL NEVER ADD ADVERTISEMENTS HERE**
list all your projects that have already been done in Ruby. can you remember?
if the list is too long you can put it in a world file and send it right here
are you there?
i found this ruby questionnaire and i wanted to know if it's really useful?
as it's a recent document i thought it would be interesting for people who are learning the language like me. give me an answer
Is this some buisness that manages old projects?
like hey, i dont wana deal with this no more. take it
well anyways since you asking if its useful for whatever reason: nah no really. It seems easier just to send them the source rather then break down all the parts then give it to them
also when they say the MVC is a 1:1:1 ratio. its not. Its only a perfect ratio if you use generators. You can manually serve up something epcific that dont tie into the rest of the application if you wanted too. Mostly views for this weird use case but anyways... its not allways a 1:1:1 but yea.
Why do you have this doc anyways?
oh also never use a test suite someone made. use your own. a suite is only helpful if it throws issues that you told it to throw. Using someone elses suite is good for nothing if it givers you feedback but you dont know what to make of the feedback. So either learn how their test work or make/use your own
i don't know, lately i've been looking for things about ruby on the internet that might give me an impression of the language. you know?
ok well that buisness seems to be a comericial solutions for when you fire your dev but still need to maintain their project
Ive actually been on the other end of this before whenere someone got rid of their dev but needed their stuff updated and some content changed. Took me like 2 hours n got $150 for it
$150? is good enough
super ez work. But these guys seem more large scale then just maintencing a small static website. Very large industrial feeling. The thing is though. Your hiring these people becasue you are unable to manage the service right.... so if your not capiable to do that, why would u b capiable to answer some of those kinda advanced questions
150 to bascily run dependabot and move some stuff around. Thats $75 an hour. Thats more then enough!
thats my flat price if you just need me to make some changes. Im not remaking the site. Just making sure all dependencies are ok and adding/deleting old content. super simple
Think about it like a tune up for your car that you do once every few years
but do you think it's enough?
I say the $75 an hour
i think its more then enough
Its alot of money 4 ez work
I still think it should be $100
trust me. I think it should be $60. but people pay 150. im not gonna say no to their money. im poor! XD
programmer is never poor hahaha
today I was thinking about creating a parallel project to the one we're working on at the moment
Look it balances out. Ill chanrge someone who has nothing $800-1200 for everything. Design, dev, domain, servers, dev (again because they want something changed), stripe, ads, dev (again), then finally deployment. and in the end i spend almost 200 hours working
i end up with like $6 an hour or something
It balances out trust me. ITs y im so poor
I never went 2 college so alot of big companies wont hire me. Thats y i work as teacher along side my buisness... and even with that i need another job this summer cuz school is out
even if you receive these amounts, do you still need another one?
I think these are values that leave you very stable
yes thats what im saying. My buisness brings in little, teaching brings in even less. but the cost of paying for all my electricty for servers n stuff
why don't you go to college?
no $
plus i learn better from books myself
heres the thing. If i can compete on the same level as a other programmer (who has a expensive piece of paper called a diploma) then why would anything else matter
your thoughts are the same as mine
plus i dont want debt
spanding a few hundred on books is a much better investment
don't you have any so far?
huh? i got a bunch
right next 2 me on bookshelf
but have you paid for it?
paid for books. yes
most programming text books are 60-140
get like 12 of them and yea thats a couple hundered easy
no, the debts
i have no debt
and what have you been investing your money in?
i dont want debt: hence y i wont attend college. And even if college was free. I woudlnt go. I dont wana have 2 take math/eng/sci/anything else if im ONLY there for computer classes
investments: gold. simple. i like stuff i can have my hands on that are immune from inflation
like which ones?
but i was refering to investment before as like investing in myself. buying books and teaching myself to be better is an investment. One thats totally work a couple hundred in books
I woudl take all the classes. My schools near me dont have alot to begin with. So rather then 1-2 comp classes and 5 pointless ones the school forces you to take. Id take all 7 comp classes
to add up to a few dollars
and skip all the dumb classes. buttttt schools wont let you do that. Forces you to stay in school 4 or more years rather then getting everything done in 2 intense years of only learning the classes u want to take etc
yea ive spend easy 1100 in books so far
comptia ones are 140 eash i think and i got 4
By the way, the addition of the image and file functionality has increased our costs here on the site.
the rest are mostly in the 45-90 range
Cost for just storage or incresed bandwidth
clean stuff out once it hits a certian threshold
we had to increase it
Prioritize posts and trends so they stay, but imanges and docs in chat delete after a week or so
yes yes, for now we're thinking of cleaning it up in Trends
becasue who honeslty scrolls up a whole weeks worth of chat just to find some old doc. no one. so just dump it ;)
let's apply with jobs for 24 hours after publication
but there are crazy guys who keep looking for just that
actaully rather then deleting stuff based of time. have a chat buffer of like 300 messages per room. Once the chat in the array position hits 300. POP. that way active chats get delted more often and the slow dead chats keep their messages long for the "less frequent" visitor
and we wanted to store these files in another tab
well thought out
oh so splitting the site into site/long term file sotrage?
and pay 2 diffrent providers. the 1 expensive one for the high speed site stuff, and the other as a cheap bulk storage provider that the first services calls for to pull content from when requested?
but that would be even more expensive
but do you think the **TRENDS** tab is interesting?
I think its good that it is separated from posts as the content is different. I personally prefer post content as it seems more educational while trends are kinda just stuff that id browse the internet for.
I think its important 2 keep them different as the type of content is diffrent. And just because i prefer the content in post more then that in trends. dont mean trends r bad. im just not a trendy guy ;)
that's why we separate them and limit them to users
but you have permission but have never used it
also it would b cheaper if you built the long term storage your self. Get and old cheap ebay pc. throw a tb or 2 into it. and have this site make calls to your home server to grab the stuff from long term storage while the expensive web server only stores the most recent content
you can use it to promote something of yours, which is related to technology, of course
also yea. i dont really got any trends to speak of. Im pretty vanilla. ffs i use debian becasue im boring lol
we are thinking of new actions to take
trends are the new and popular stuff. I use ruby on rails XD. 2015 tech that no 1 cares about anymore
2015 was prob the last "big" year ruby had before people started forgetting it existed
I also use pure javascript, but even so I always see something that's interesting these days
I ise plain js too. but only because i dont wana bother learning a new type script or whatever every 2 years
i've seen that too, that the language is forgotten. php is also going through the same thing
I think i said in another channel that Js stuff and frameworks move wayyyy to fast and come and go outta style to fast 2 learn
that being said. typescript aint bad. but ill stick with vanilla JS for the few event listeners i use it for
uhhhh si
I'm very crusty
yea im next to mexico but dont know a thing XD
oki well imma get back to work now
ill chat more later 0/
ok i'm going out for a while too
don't forget to give me small tasks to train me more in ruby
hehe ok. imma make a post about it. hows that. its not a small task tho. small tasks arent as fun :P
it's true that small tasks aren't fun at all. but I'm thinking of reducing the amount of work I've been doing. that way I'll pay more attention to other things.
I've actually stopped my photography project because of the work I've been doing here
we were without new registrations for almost 3 weeks and we didn't know what was going on until the user [**JoeyJoeJoeJr**](https://chat-to.dev/profile?u=JoeyJoeJoeJr) told us through a website that he couldn't register and that he wasn't getting an error about what was going on, until we checked and noticed that it was an error in the email verification code that didn't allow users to register. so everything was solved and we've already had 3 more registrations after the correction.
we appreciate our users giving us feedback on all the errors they have encountered
our figures for the last 28 days
there you have the number of visits and the interaction time
Is that total visits or total unique visits?
is the number of times people have viewed the site's content in 28 days, according to google
```function new(name){ alert(name + "hi, we're working on code snippets here");}new(xReqX);```
oh, is that clicks from google or overall views. cuz i just directly type the url so. Does your hosting provider not have a detailed info page?
yes, there are, and the numbers are much higher there
but in the meetings we discuss more about the numbers given by google because then we have a clear idea of how we are found and who clicks on us.
the numbers go up every month
soooo, how are we found?
**55%** of the people who find us are referrals, **31%** are direct and **7%** are organic.
our challenge to continue growing is still very great.

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