How to build my own programing langues ?
Have you ever programmed?
Yes, I know python And c.
Can you solve this problem?
Ok which problem
Yes, This is c programing langues. Make a sum " ". I am understated.
Are you listen me ?
I don't understand
I know that c and python.
I'd like you to summarize this program
I'd like you to summarize what this program is doing
Yes, Sure
This C program prompts the user to enter two integers, then it reads those integers from the standard input using scanf, calculates their sum, and finally prints the entered integers along with their sum.
I am Right
Whare are you sir ?
Have you ever taken part in a codefest?
No, why ?
These events improve our programming skills and help us learn better
Ooo please share a link
I'll give you another example and I want you to create a post answering the challenge
[the code](
Sorry sir, But i doesn't know Javascript.
It's okay
How can we declare variables in c?
In C programming, you declare variables by specifying the data type followed by the variable name. Here's a basic syntax for declaring variables in C:
Yes! That's exactly what I wanted to show you
To make the code much more readable, you need to use marktdown correctly to style your text. Do you know how this works?
Here's another [example](
All Right
Here's a guide to better using markdown to style your code snippets. [the guia](
Ok sir, Today just this learn.
I did some research and here are the steps to create a programming language
Create your own programming language by following [these steps](
Writing your own esoteric language is pretty easy. Start studying physics; physics forces you to learn mathematics, mathematics is your ability to be persistent. Purchase a microcontroller and a voltage meter. Get yourself lots of LEDs, and a lot of transistors and a usb. Learn about FPGAs. This step depends totally on you. You can either leave it up to the end user operating system or learn about compilers,bootloaders, MMIO etc. and write your own for an emulator. Finally the fun part. Basic math operators. Since you are not crazy, download Haskell then write your own compiler to parse whatever instructions you have for your microcontroller. Eventually,you will learn to turn those LEDs on by learning Verilog. Learn objective C, it will force you to actually learn how machine code works. Just use Haskell man. Don’t go crazy.
from the description you gave, you have a great command of programming languages and i fully believe that you work with them. i would like to read a post of yours here talking about the subject. would you please share your knowledge here? Mr. Deprecated
deprecated Can you give me more details.
To make your own programming language you need to have a good understanding of all major fields of computer science (algorithms, operating systems, grammar, finite state machines etc.). I've made a list of all the books necessary to learn all of those major fields I mentioned. Including programming language construction. Here's the link: []( )
Out of all the books on there [Digital Design and Computer ArchitectureDavid Harris and Sarah L. Harris]( is my favorite. It teaches you how to design your own computer on an FPGA. It completely demystified how computers work to me. I strongly suggest you read it.
this [article]( shows the advantages of Bitbucket over github. what are its disadvantages and what are the advantages of githhub over Bitbucket?
The core to writing a programming language is parsing. Most parsing tools are complicated but I developed [my own parsing tool](
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how could i extract the country and flag of a country by IP with php or Node.js? can anyone help me with this?

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