Hey folks join this and teach me things about html and css
welcome... I'll be happy to provide you with content on this marking language
I'm creating some material and I'll post it here, where I'll show the basic elements of the language
in this [article](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=70) I show you the main html tags that will be essential for building your first web pages
@Sjhere00, Leave any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
@Sjhere00, did you take a look at the content I posted about the basics of an html structure?
Hi there, Please share me some of tips learn c .
have you ever had any contact with the c or c language?
I'm going to start by creating a language learning rodmap and I'll leave the link here
so that we can get on better with what we learn
Whare are you ?
let's start by learning how to declare variables in c
Ok Start
Are you busy ?
see how the variable declaration looks and try to study it. any questions I'm here [the code](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=76)
I saw the post.Thank
leave your questions in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
I'll give you the next steps so we can continue learning c
Please share me some C operator usage and definition. My problem is this operator.
[here are](https://chat-to.dev/post?id=77) the operators in c
leave your questions in the comments
Hello everyone
@hello Welcome, we've created this space to talk about frontend development.
Don't hesitate to leave your doubts and questions. Comment on our posts and we'll find out more about your interests in the area
is there a way to take a css variable like : root { --number: 10;} and use it on the front end of the website? my example is an analog gauge which I created in css to test before getting sensor data from my microcontroller. Everything works fine except taking the data from the --number variable and displaying it in a <div> at the bottom of the analog gauge and I am tired of digging through pages of unrelated data. I have tried using java to enter the data to test with a <input> form, <onclick="myFunction()"> and I can print that on the page, but I cannot use java variables in css.
@Ristlin someone already answered you [here](https://chat-to.dev/chat?q=javascript-room)
Hello here, I want to learn Html and Css from scratch
Our rooms are created just for users with a certain level of knowledge to exchange experiences and answer questions
If you already have some knowledge, you can ask your questions here and I'll help you out.

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